“The Art of Board”

Using recycled skateboard tiles as his medium of choice to create one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted mirrors, furniture, and more, local artist Rich Moorhead, founder of the skateboard-inspired textile company Art of Board, has molded his childhood passion into an innovative art and design career.

Rich with Mimeo Task Chair

Whether he is crafting recycled skateboard tile masterpieces at his studio in Hanover, PA, or working with his business partners at Art of Board to create signature textile collections for both interior and fashion design, you can see the artistry and passion Rich brings to every project.

Rich Mirror 2Rich Mirror 1Table Top 1

Our Benjamin Roberts team was first introduced to Rich when he was a contract furniture manufacturer sales rep. And now, we are thrilled to partner with him, again, this time by featuring Rich’s art and decor at our December 7 Lancaster First Friday art gallery event, as well as offering Art of Board-upholstered lounge furniture and task chairs as part of our BR contract office furniture collection. Check it out:

National Mabel with Headrest and Art of Board FabricNational Tellaro with Art of Board Seat FabricAllsteel Take 5 Stool with Art of Board Seat FabricAllsteel Mimeo with AOB Seat Fabric Seat.jpg

Inspired by what you see? You can check out Rich’s amazing work on First Friday, December 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. at our showroom – 240 N Prince Street in Lancaster!

Join us for an interactive, family-friendly art gallery experience where you can:

  • Browse and shop Rich’s Art – a fun and festive, one-of-a-kind gift option
  • Make and take home your own recycled skateboard tile key chain – a great activity for adults and kids
  • Enjoy light refreshments
  • Try our selection of workplace lounge furniture and task chairs upholstered in CF Stinson fabric featuring Art of Board’s iconic skateboard designs

Signed posters of Rich’s original mosaic – “The Art of Board” (which will be on display at the event) – will also be available for purchase.


We hope to see you here on December 7!


The Art of the Office – Launching our BR Places: Gallery

Rebecca Fox was walking down Prince Street in Lancaster City one day in 2008, when she spotted a man and woman standing on the sidewalk holding on to their bikes and talking to each other. She subtly snapped a photo and filed it away as inspiration for a future painting. Then in 2015, she pulled the picture out, again, and started to paint, and “Young Love” in oil on canvas emerged. She posted it to her Etsy shop, and waited for it to sell.

Rebecca Fox_Young Love Painting Reference Photo

Fast forward to 2018.

Our Benjamin Roberts team was just beginning the process of reimagining what our impact could be on our employees, customers, and community. We were working hard to put words to the values we had already been living out as a company, and “Creating Art” was an obvious one. It’s part of what we do as a contract furniture dealer with designers on staff who work with our sales team to help create beautiful, functional, and inspiring workplace furniture solutions for our clients.

We also have been slowly and steadily building our collection of local art over the years. And since art is a natural complement to office furniture, it was also only natural to fulfill our value of Creating Art by creating the BR Places: Gallery in our showroom to help us better showcase the work of talented local artists in our community, ultimately helping to bring in new prospects and supporting the local arts movement that drives our economy and benefits us all.

So, we jumped on Etsy and started searching for artists in Lancaster. As we scrolled through the listings, we came across Rebecca’s Young Love painting and had to do a triple take. “Hey, that’s our building!”

Rebecca Fox_Young Love Painting_Only

The photo Rebecca had taken 10 years earlier was captured right in front of our offices and showroom! So, of course we had to have it. And we’re thrilled to now have “Young Love” as part of our permanent collection.

Rebecca Fox_Young Love Painting_Standing Outside BR Showroom_Close Up

And we didn’t stop there. We launched the BR Places: Gallery to give us a platform to support the arts, encourage clients who are designing their workplaces to decorate with art by local artists, and to have a unique avenue to reach prospective clients that we didn’t have, before.

We hosted our inaugural Lancaster First Friday event on October 5 – with an “Art of the Office” theme – featuring our friends down the street at Friendship Heart Gallery. And on November 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. in our showroom at 240 N Prince Street in Lancaster, we will be hosting Rebecca Fox as our featured artist for our next First Friday BR Places: Gallery event.

Art of the Office FB Event Header_RFA

Interested in decorating your workplace or home office with local art? Swing by on November 2 and see what Rebecca and other local artists have to offer. Want to create a gallery space to feature local artists at your workplace? Stop by on November 2, and check out what we’ve done. We’d love to meet you and help in any way we can.

See you in November!

5 Inspiring Higher Ed Designs to Take You Back to School

The school year is now in full swing, and we thought it was time to get inspired by our surroundings and the start of a new season with a look at some beautiful, student-centered spaces at colleges and universities in the Central PA region.

Dickinson College Library – Carlisle, PA

The multi-story windows in the library at Dickinson College flood the peaceful, quiet space with ample light for students working hard on their next assignment in this comfortable seating option by Allsteel called Reflect.

Reflect Chair Area 2.jpg

Reflect Chairs Whimsy Table and Side Table.jpg

Elizabethtown College’s Myer Hall – Elizabethtown, PA

The residents of Myer Hall on the Elizabethtown College campus have plenty of comfortable places to choose from when it comes time to study or spend time with friends thanks to the new lounge furniture, updated paint and flooring, and college student-friendly amenities like a new TV room and game room that were installed in 2018.

Etown 5.jpeg

Etown 2.jpeg

HACC Harrisburg Campus Cooper Student Center – Harrisburg, PA

The centerpiece of the Cooper Student Center at the HACC Harrisburg Campus is this stunning floor-to-ceiling glass fireplace. And the bright and comfortable Kimball Villa Lounge Seating surrounding the fireplace is the perfect place to relax, chat with friends, or get some work done.

Bright pops of color in the rest of the Kimball furniture throughout the Center are a fun and energizing contrast to the neutral tones of the space.

Seating around Fire.jpg

Tables and Seating 3.jpg

Shippensburg University – Shippensburg, PA

Can you guess what Shippensburg University’s colors are? Take one look at the furniture, and you will figure it out! Bright reds and blues, coupled with the other fun accent colors in their Allsteel furnishings, help incorporate Shippensburg’s brand and school pride into the built environment.


Ship Lge Rm-2

York College of Pennsylvania’s Kinsley School of Engineering Sciences and Technology – York, PA

Cool, contemporary, and peaceful, the Kinsley School of Engineering Sciences and Technology at York College is housed in a building formerly occupied by a manufacturing company. The clean lines of the furniture are the perfect accent to the industrial feel of this beautiful space.



Inspired by what you see? Learn more about the contract furniture products and services available to colleges and universities in the Central Pennsylvania region from our Benjamin Roberts Ltd Office Interiors team of experts at www.benjaminrobertsltd.com!

Creating Shared Success with Cargas and 101NQ

If you’ve driven by the old Bulova building on the corner of Queen and Orange Streets in Lancaster, recently, you know that the team from LeFevre Funk Architects Inc. and  Warfel Construction is slowly chipping away at the tired brick exterior, transforming the architectural landscape of the block and creating new opportunities for economic success in our downtown neighborhood!

Photo May 23, 1 07 41 PM


The stunning new structure taking the place of the Bulova building is called 101NQ and will feature retail spaces, offices, and private residences. The anchor tenant for the project is Cargas Systems, a Lancaster-based company that helps businesses implement customer relationship management, accounting, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

So where do we come in? We’ve been selected as the contract office furniture dealer for the Cargas space at 101NQ! As we go, we’ll share updates on the process and progress of the project. Check out what we’ve done so far in the timeline, below, and look for more updates over the next several months!


The Cargas Project – A Timeline


Step 1 – Fall 2017 – Cargas held a one-hour meeting with representatives from five dealerships. The representative from Benjamin Roberts was Sales Team member Brock Miller. After that meeting, they narrowed it down to two dealerships.

Step 2 –  Cargas provided company growth projections, rough workspace needs, and cultural priorities, along with the 101NQ floorplan, to the two dealerships.

Step 3 – December 2017 – Each dealership delivered a two-hour formal presentation centered on the procurement process, design concepts, and budget projections.

Step 4 – Early 2018 to the Present – A winner was named, and it was us! Then came space planning and furniture design with our BR team working parallel to the architect. The process included initial design meetings with the Cargas internal planning team, a survey of and meetings with the entire Cargas staff to assess needs and gather ideas, and continued design meetings with the internal team to work towards a final furniture plan.


Once plans are finalized and the 101NQ building is complete, the furniture we order will be delivered and installed by our BR team of Installers, and Cargas can enjoy their new workplace! But in the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the exciting things happening at the 101NQ Cargas project.

Want to know more about the contract furniture process? Comment, below, or give us a call at 717-291-1001.


Just a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Let’s face it – there are A TON of workplace furniture options out there, from desks to chairs to storage units to lounge furniture to school desks to healthcare seating and on and on!

They are all different, catering to the unique needs of your individual workplace and employees, clients, or students. To help give you just a taste of what is out there and available to you through Benjamin Roberts, we asked our salespeople what their favorite BR products are. Here are just a few of the answers:

Brock Miller: Allsteel’s Altitude Height-Adjustable Desk – “I love the adaptive and active nature of this product.”


Available in a variety of tabletop shapes and finish options, Altitude Height-Adjustable Desks by Allsteel effortlessly raise and lower with the touch of a button. We have a special offer on Altitude running right now! Click HERE to learn more.


Joyce Gross – HON’s Ignition and Ignition 2.0 Chairs – “You can’t go wrong with the Hon Ignition and Ignition 2.0 chairs. They are very comfortable, can adjust to most body types, and are well-priced.”


We all want comfort from our office chair. But what about style? Customizable control? Advanced features? You’ve got them all in the Ignition Task Chair. Learn more on HON’s website, HERE.


Rob Bomberger – National’s Kozmic Collaborative Collection – “I enjoy people watching in public spaces and how they choose to use space. Think about airports, libraries, higher educational community/study spaces, coffee shops, and even a shopping mall. How do people hang out, both by themselves and in groups? Do they rearrange the furniture to work for what they want to do?  How often are they looking to plug in their personal electronics?  How does the space/furniture support how people hang out, work, and communicate with eachother? Along comes Kozmic, and you think about the same questions and start designing a space.”

Students Using Kozmic_1.jpg

The Kozmic collaborative collection is a versatile solution for open plan spaces. With a combination of spines, seating, and tables, Kozmic provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching. Interact, focus, power up, or touch down with Kozmic. Learn more on National’s website, HERE.


So, that’s a few of our favorite things from some of our sales team members. Interested in learning more? Email us, or call 717.291-1001.

What are a few of your favorite kinds of office furniture?