Just a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Let’s face it – there are A TON of workplace furniture options out there, from desks to chairs to storage units to lounge furniture to school desks to healthcare seating and on and on!

They are all different, catering to the unique needs of your individual workplace and employees, clients, or students. To help give you just a taste of what is out there and available to you through Benjamin Roberts, we asked our salespeople what their favorite BR products are. Here are just a few of the answers:

Brock Miller: Allsteel’s Altitude Height-Adjustable Desk – “I love the adaptive and active nature of this product.”


Available in a variety of tabletop shapes and finish options, Altitude Height-Adjustable Desks by Allsteel effortlessly raise and lower with the touch of a button. We have a special offer on Altitude running right now! Click HERE to learn more.


Joyce Gross – HON’s Ignition and Ignition 2.0 Chairs – “You can’t go wrong with the Hon Ignition and Ignition 2.0 chairs. They are very comfortable, can adjust to most body types, and are well-priced.”


We all want comfort from our office chair. But what about style? Customizable control? Advanced features? You’ve got them all in the Ignition Task Chair. Learn more on HON’s website, HERE.


Rob Bomberger – National’s Kozmic Collaborative Collection – “I enjoy people watching in public spaces and how they choose to use space. Think about airports, libraries, higher educational community/study spaces, coffee shops, and even a shopping mall. How do people hang out, both by themselves and in groups? Do they rearrange the furniture to work for what they want to do?  How often are they looking to plug in their personal electronics?  How does the space/furniture support how people hang out, work, and communicate with eachother? Along comes Kozmic, and you think about the same questions and start designing a space.”

Students Using Kozmic_1.jpg

The Kozmic collaborative collection is a versatile solution for open plan spaces. With a combination of spines, seating, and tables, Kozmic provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching. Interact, focus, power up, or touch down with Kozmic. Learn more on National’s website, HERE.


So, that’s a few of our favorite things from some of our sales team members. Interested in learning more? Email us, or call 717.291-1001.

What are a few of your favorite kinds of office furniture?

Plastic on Shoreline

Reducing Plastic in Our Oceans with Office Furniture!

By now, we’ve probably all seen the disturbing headlines and videos on social media – plastic pollution in our oceans is harming and killing marine life at an alarming rate. And when we eat seafood, those tiny pieces of plastic that have been ingested by the fish in the ocean are entering our bodies, as well.

Plastic bag and turtle in ocean

Photo by our manufacturer friends at Tenjam

According to eco-conscious furniture manufacturer, Tenjam, “In 2014, it was estimated that 275 million tons of plastic debris is in the world’s ocean, and this amount doubled over the past decade and is projected to double again by 2025.”

But, thankfully, innovative entrepreneurs and manufacturers around the world are beginning to discover solutions to the growing problem of plastic in our oceans by recovering and recycling this plastic in their products, making a positive impact on the environment while also creating products that are equally beautiful and functional.

The office furniture industry is no exception. Here are three examples of innovators in our industry who are becoming an integral part of saving our oceans:

Humanscale – Smart Ocean Chair:

Humanscale Smart Ocean Chair

The Smart Ocean Chair by Humanscale is made from recycled fishing nets.

  • Contains almost 2 pounds of recycled fishing net material
  • Living Product Certified (which means it meets the highest standards of sustainability in manufacturing)
  • Sourced from Net Positiva, a collection and recycling program aimed at combating the damaging effects of discarded fishing nets, which are transformed into recycled nylon pellets used for manufacturing
  • Ergonomically-friendly design features Form-Sensing Mesh Technology to instantly adjust to and move with every unique user

Watch the Smart Ocean Chair video, below:


Tenjam – FIRM Series:

Firm by Tenjam

The Tenjam FIRM seating collection is made from recovered coastal plastic.

Tenjam FIRM Series

Part of the FIRM Series by Tenjam

  • The first to incorporate BIONIC Polymer – made with plastic recovered from shorelines, waterways, and coastal communities – into any type of product
  • All Tenjam FIRM products are 100% recyclable
  • Comfortable, fun furniture solution that is easy to rearrange and easy to clean


HNI – Hamilton Furniture Upholstery Fabric:

Hamilton Upholstery on Chair

Hamilton Upholstery is Made of Repreve Fibers, Containing Up to 13 Recycled Plastic Bottles Per Yard.

Hamilton Fabrics

  • Contains up to 13 recycled plastic bottles per yard
  • Made with eco-friendly Repreve fibers – check out the video, below, to learn more:


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help restore our oceans by incorporating these furniture pieces into your workplace, email us or give us a call at 717-291-1001.

Giveaway Graphic

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Emily and Tim from FHG

Art with Heart for Your Workplace

Just one block away from our office is a hive of energy, creativity, and color where talented artists create masterpieces, defy odds, and break down stereotypes and barriers every day.

Artists Working in Showroom

Tim, Jelani, Mary Lou, and their instructor, Garrett, in our showroom gleaning some inspiration for the custom artwork we commissioned for our permanent Benjamin Roberts Gallery collection

I’m talking, of course, about Friendship Heart Gallery (FHG), “…an extension of Friendship Community, which provides value through artistic expression to Artists with intellectual disabilities.”

FHG provides individuals with intellectual disabilities in our local community with the opportunity to hone their artistic skills and market and sell their work from their Gallery at 118 N Water Street in Lancaster and from exhibits located at other businesses and organizations in the community, like the exhibit that just opened in our Benjamin Roberts showroom!

Art Exhibit Installation

The team from Friendship Heart Gallery setting up the FHG art exhibit in our showroom at 240 N Prince Street in Lancaster – come check it out!

Emily and Tim from FHG

Emily and Tim are two of the talented Heart Artists whose work is featured at our BR showroom FHG art exhibit.

FHG Artwork

Snag these pieces and more for your own workplace at our showroom in downtown Lancaster!

Check out the video of the exhibit installation and the pieces now for sale at our showroom, below (all proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to FHG – we’re just here to help). And view the FHG Artwork for sale, Here.

We also commissioned several pieces from Friendship Heart Gallery that will be a part of our permanent Benjamin Roberts Gallery collection. They will be here in a few weeks, and we can’t wait to show them to you in an upcoming blog post!

In the meantime, be sure to swing by our showroom (240 N Prince Street, Lancaster – parking is in the back off of Water Street), to check out this amazing art work for yourself, and purchase some pieces for your own workplace!

See you soon!